Rapid Infuser, RI2, Belmont

All Belmont Medical Technologies products feature automatic air removal to help keep patients safe. The Belmont® Rapid Infuser has two air detectors to detect air before it enters the system. If air is detected, it alarms and closes off the patient line, stops pumping and heating, and opens a return line to the reservoir. With the push of a button, fluid and air are pumped back to the reservoir and in seconds the system is ready to go again.

Belmont Medical Technologies develops reliable fluid management and critical care medical devices for global use in medical facilities and military combat fields. We provide innovative products with unique features that have the capability to save thousands of lives. By developing and manufacturing all products in house, we are able to provide the highest standard of quality assurance and effectiveness. During our 35+ years of operation, we have had an excellent track record of FDA clearance and regulatory compliance.

Vuetek, veinsite

VueTek Scientific, located in Gray Maine was founded in 2007 to develop and commercialize advanced imaging systems that address unmet clinical needs relating to vascular access.

The company has developed a unique vein locator that is worn on the head to improve the viewing of superficial, subcutaneous vasculature.

The device allows portable, hands-free imaging for vascular access, without changing standard clinical practices.

CIMPAX, Laparoscopic instruments

Cimpax products are designed by their highly skilled group of engineers who have many years of experience developing high quality and reliable medical products.

They believe that the key to create a successful medical business is  having a close cooperation with our distributors worldwide as well as close relations to healthcare professionals.

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