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Natus Newborn Care products address the critical areas of assessment and treatment of newborns, and are designed for use by clinicians as they provide care in the critical minutes & hours after delivery and prior to discharge from the hospital. By allowing for early detection and treatment, we believe our products can improve clinical outcomes, help reduce costs, and minimize the duration of treatment, unnecessary retesting, or hospital readmission.

LMT, MRI, Neonatology, Incubator

LMT Medical Systems GmbH is where MRI meets Neonatology; the MR Diagnostics Incubator System nomag® IC allows premature babies and newborns to be transported directly from the NICU into the MR suite for examination by optimal, non-invasive Magnetic Resonance Imaging. The baby is protected inside the life sustaining, temperature and humidity controlled MR-incubator throughout the entire transport and MR examination.


Neonatal incubator
from standard to intensive care

The SHELLY Incubator is already the fourth generation of newborn stationary incubators of TSE production. It is intended for both intermediate and intensive care. As a  modern medical product it provides high comfort for both the patient and healthcare personnel. Incubators are very variable and can be supplemented with a number of optional accessories. The great advantage of SHELLY is the low noise level in the patient space –  38 dB only. Life monitoring is optionally ensured by integrated Masimo Rainbow SET, which represents the top on the monitoring system market.

Finally, a neonatal transilluminator designed specifically with you and the neonate (or new-born) in mind. We’ve taken all the great features of the Venoscope® II and put them into a transilluminator that better serves the special needs of your neonatal patients. It still features the same powerful LED lights, but is now smaller and more portable, making it even easier to maneuver around neonates. The cool lights are strong enough to illuminate the hardest to find veins without the risk of burning the baby. Creating happier babies makes happier nurses.

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